2014 Speakers

John Sherry

Better Products Through Hanging Out

John Sherry is director of Business Innovation Research at Intel Labs. John joined Intel in 1997 as the company's first anthropologist, serving as a founding member of what was then called Intel's People and Practices Research Lab. Subsequently he has served in a variety of positions, including director of User Experience Design in Intel's Digital Health Group, before taking on his current role. His research has always involved understanding ordinary people in their everyday settings, including the complex social, economic, and technical systems in which we are all embedded. The purpose of his research is to help Intel better imagine and invent new uses and experiences of computing. He holds a PhD in Anthropology (1995, University of Arizona) and a BS in Computer Science. He currently lives in Portland with his wife and sons.

Matt Watson

What is Creative Design?

As a Designer, Matt earned his stripes working for Lippincott - a global leader in brand design based in NYC, before moving back to Oregon and spending over ten years at NIKE where he worked as a designer in several key business categories. His last position was as a Senior member of NIKE's creative team where he helped evolve NIKEiD, which is dominating the world in customization - both online and in NIKE's brick & mortar stores. Today, Matt enjoys running his own studio - WATSON CREATIVE. His team serves a diversity of professional sports teams, health organizations and global/local brands. Matt is also an active Advisory Board member for the School of Design at Oregon State University, and can be found teaching Business or Design courses at local colleges in the Portland area. Matt is also a regular guest lecturer at conferences and major universities, including Yale, NYU and University of Washington. His work and writing has been featured in over 50 publications, seven documentary films and at New York's Museum of Modern Art. Matt graduated with Honors from Oregon State University in Applied Visual Arts, and an M.B.A. from George Fox University.

Melissa Dubois

High-quality STEM education for all

Melissa Dubois is the Director of the South Metro-Salem STEM Partnership, a regional collaborative of more than 40 stakeholders in STEM education, including those from K-12 schools and districts, higher education, business and industry, and community STEM education providers. Her role is to identify and create synergies among diverse partnering organizations to create sustainable, systemic change in STEM teaching and learning for all students to prepare them for an increasingly complex and technological society and workforce. Dr. Dubois comes to education following a career in applied microbiology. She earned a Ph.D. in microbiology (University of Wisconsin, 2005) and came to Portland to conduct her postdoctoral research at the OHSU Vaccine and Gene Therapy Institute. She lives in Hillsboro with her husband and two daughters.

Kaynam Hedayat

Next-Gen Wireless Power Transfer Technologies

Kaynam Hedayat is the Vice President of Product Management and Marketing at WiTricity where he is responsible for defining and driving the product strategy, marketing, and direction of the company for the entire WiTricity product line. Hedayat joined the company in February of 2013 from EXFO where he served as CTO and Senior Director of Product Management and Marketing of the Service Assurance Business Unit where he was responsible for defining and driving the strategic and technology direction of the firm. Prior to EXFO, he was CTO and VP of Product Management at Brix Networks Corporation, held consulting and engineering positions of increasing responsibility at PictureTel, Xerox Imaging Systems, Stonehand, Inc., and Digital Equipment Corporation.

Jeff Davis

Energy Efficiency Measures in the Pacific Northwest

Jeffrey Davis is an energy engineer with Energy 350, a Portland-based firm that conducts energy audits at large commercial and industrial sites across the Pacific Northwest. Since taking Oregon Tech's Green Building senior track and graduating in 2013, Jeff has worked in the field of energy efficiency. Projects range across most electricity-consuming systems at a site: HVAC, pumps, fans, boilers, chillers, compressed air, lighting, refrigeration, and beyond. Jeff believes that climate change and fossil fuel depletion should be addressed by challenging current standards of both efficiency and clean energy generation. Jeff has a Bachelor's of Science in Renewable Energy Engineering from OIT. He lives in Portland and is currently expanding a multidisciplinary education to include permaculture and the regenerative human footprint.

Alex Joyce

Predicting the Future of Portland

Alex Joyce is an urban planner and designer with Fregonese Associates Inc., a Portland-based firm with clients across the country. For the past 7 years, Alex has worked on the cutting edge of applying computer technology to help cities plan for the future - 2020 and beyond. He has worked on projects ranging from climate change modeling for the entire Southern California area, to modeling the future of urban decline in Rust Belt cities like Cleveland, to planning the fastest expanding urban rail system in Salt Lake City Utah. A pioneer in using technology to bring urban planning ideas to life, Alex believes that thinking about the future of cities needs to be visually inspiring as well as technologically sophisticated. Alex has a Masters of Urban and Regional Planning from Florida State University and is beginning a second Masters in Real Estate Development at PSU this fall. Alex lives in Portland with his wife, cat, and bicycle.