2015 Speakers

John Lester Miller

Stem Education, the Future of Robotics and Imagery

John brings to bear over 30 years of experience in Infrared physics and engineering. From infrared investigations in the left wing of the Shuttle Columbia to the first thermal measurements of Haley's comet, John has been at the forefront of this interesting developing technology. He has written 4 text books and over 60 papers. He is on Both SPIE's Infrared technology conference committee and the Military Sensing Symposium's executive national committee and chairs several sessions per year in each conference. He has worked at Mount Wilson and Palomar Observatories, Mauna Kea Observatories, Rockwell International, Lockheed Martin, the Research Triangle Institute and is presently Chief Technical officer and vice president of advanced technology for FLIR System's Government Division. John holds degrees in Physics and Business.

Serge Leef

Cybersecurity Implications of the Internet of Things

Serge Leef is the Vice President of New Ventures and General Manager of the System-Level Engineering Division. He is responsible for identifying and developing product opportunities for EDA in adjacent, systems-oriented markets. In addition to early stage programs, Serge leads on-going businesses, focused on markets where system-level design plays a pivotal role: cyber-physical system design, aerospace networking, systems engineering, design data management, cloud-based electronic design, Internet of Things infrastructure, and hardware cybersecurity.

Sara Gonzales

Correlative Microscopy: Going from Macro to Micro

Sara is a research technician with years of experience in the Micro-Imaging Center at the Shriners Hospital for Children Portland. The central focus of the Micro-Imaging Center is to examine structural details of connective tissues in a variety of diseases through microscopy techniques and imaging platforms. Recently, the Micro-Imaging Center has focused correlating different microscopy imaging platforms. This novel approach uses existing microscopy modalities to identify and examine specific features of interest in tissues with progressively higher resolution.

Rob Brown

Wearable Display Technology

Rob Brown is a Principal Optical Engineer working in research and development of new display technologies for Rockwell Collins, in the Head Up Guidance Systems division. He leads small teams working on advanced, optical technologies. Currently he is developing efficient methods of coupling light into and out of waveguides to create see-through displays for both head-up and wearable applications for the commercial cockpit. In addition, Rob holds several patents and has over 25 years experience in the fields of lasers, liquid crystal displays, lens design, light emitting diodes, and holography.

Kelson Redding

Kymera: An Experiment with Natural Fiber Composites in the Real World.

Kelson Redding is a senior working towards his B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Technology here at Oregon Tech. His recent Sr. project work with plant based composite materials has been recognized with the receipt of Oregon Tech's Academic Achievement Award. This award was given for the design and manufacture of an innovative flax fiber composite mountain bike. Kelson is currently working Blount International as a part of the MECOP Internship program. His belief in a stubborn "can do" attitude and an open mind are what he attributes any successes to. Whenever he is not busy with school or work, Kelson can usually be found in the workshop, in the woods on his bicycle, or in his boots on a trail somewhere.

Chantelle Sims

The Landscape of Additive Manufacturing / 3D Printing

Chantelle came to engineering late in life after leaving a career as production coordinator in the commercial photography industry. As a Project Engineer, she employs many of the skills she learned in her previous life, such as how to keep projects moving on schedule and where the best coffee can be found. Blessed to have landed with a woman-owned, boutique 3D Printing company in Oregon's wine country, she spends her days helping clients – everyone from DOD aerospace companies to inventors with cocktail napkin ideas – meet their additive manufacturing goals. As a passionate supporter of STEM education, Chantelle volunteers her time to present on 3D printing to groups of students and enjoys judging science projects.

Dr. Sophia Nathenson

The Other Side of the Coin: From Healthcare to Wellness

Dr. Sophia Nathenson is an Assistant Professor of Sociology at the Oregon Institute of Technology and the director of the Population Health Management B.S. Program. She holds a B.S. in Psychology and Spanish from the University of Tulsa, and a Ph.D. in Medical Sociology from the University of Utah. Dr. Nathenson is active in coordinating projects related to community health research and youth-serving civic engagement. Her research and publications focus on integrative medicine, social determinants of health, and bridging the healthcare-community divide.

Richard Csuk

The EV World: Challenges and Where the Future Will Lead

Richard has been in the electronics field for over 20 years and spent the last 15 years working in the Electric Vehicle industry. Starting back in the days of the hobby EV boom of the late 90s, he's been involved in all aspects of EVs from design to building to selling and even racing EVs. Through his role at Alltrax, a motor controller manufacturer, he spends most of time consulting with small and niche EV OEM companies looking to switch to electric. When not at work, he is involved in EV Advocacy through Drive Oregon, a non-profit trade organization and working on STEM projects in Southern Oregon.